Our Story

Our Story

🍃 2 Floating Leaves is a jewelry brand founded by Raquel Leyva and Casto Martínez. Together, they blend their diverse backgrounds in musical instrument engineering, Fine Arts, and design. Inspired by their shared love for creativity and innovation, they embarked on a journey to merge their expertise and passion into wearable art.

At 🍃 2 Floating Leaves, every piece of jewelry is born from the harmonious blend of artistry and craftsmanship. From intricately designed statement pieces to elegantly understated essentials, each creation reflects Raquel and Casto's dedication to creating beauty through meticulous design and execution.

Meet Amoenus Sound | Casto Martinez

Hello, I'm Casto Martinez 👋🏼, my passion for understanding the world led me from dismantling toys to crafting musical instruments, blending my background in building engineering with a love for music. Collaborating with Raquel, we merge technical skills with artistic expression, crafting jewelry that resonates with authenticity.

At 2 Floating Leaves, sustainability and ethical practices drive our handmade jewelry, supporting independent design and minimizing environmental impact. Join us in pushing boundaries and supporting causes aligned with our values.

Let's come together and celebrate the sheer joy of design!

Meet Ley Designer | Raquel Leyva

Hello, I'm Raquel 💚, my journey into design began in childhood, influenced by my family's fashion background.

With a Fine Arts degree, I've honed my passion for jewelry design. Earrings aren't just accessories to me—they're self-expression. Working with acrylics allows me to play with color and texture, offering endless creativity. Each piece I create reflects my personal style and vision, inspired by nature and everyday life.

My goal is to craft jewelry that enhances appearance and speaks to individuality.