Earrings - Dream Moon



The star at the top and the two small stars are made from acrylic rose mirror, the star in the middle is made from iridescent acrylic. All the stars are engraved using a laser cut machine. The moon is made from cracked white and black.

Stainless steel earring posts.

- The type of material used has a random design, so some earrings may have more content of one color than another. In any case, we do our best to make them as symmetrical as possible. If you specifically want a whiter or blacker content let us know and we will offer you photos for you to choose from.


We recommend you to follow these instructions to help look after your 2 Floating Leaves earrings:

  • Clean softly with a soft cloth.
  • Prevents jewellery bumping against hard surfaces.
  • Products with solvents, alcohol, soap, perfume, moisturizer and sun creams could damage the acrylic material and the metallic components, please do not use these products with the jewellery on.
  • Keep your jewellery in a cloth bag or box.
  • Don't sleep, shower or exercise while wearing your jewellery.